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Home Made Sangria
Glass of delicious mix of fresh fruit with wine. ...
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Chick-fil-A® Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad
Slices of grilled chicken breast on a fresh blen ...
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Soft Taco Plate
Soft chicken enchilades w/rice and beans
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In today's fast paced world Americans eat out an average of 5-6 times a week, and it is not always healthy.

HealthyEatAndDrink.com will help you find healthy places to eat and get your drink on. You can search our database by specific menu items or by restaurant and bar information. We ask restaurants and bars to provide, to the best of their knowledge, only menu items that are low in sugar, low in salt, low in fat, and not fried. Find whatever you are in the mood for and it will be a healthier option.

HealthyEatAndDrink.com also post informational articles, sends discounts from our sponsors, and organizes fun and healthy events.

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Top 10 Restaurants

  • Senor Camaron
  • Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant
  • Condesa Mexican Restaurant
  • Deco Pizzeria
  • Pat OBriens San Antonio
  • Chick-Fil-A De Zavala
  • COCO Lounge and Bistro
  • Martha's Cocina y Cantina
  • House Of Pizza
  • The Sandbar Fish House & Market
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    Top 10 Bars

  • Senor Camaron
  • Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant
  • Deco Pizzeria
  • Pat OBriens San Antonio
  • COCO Lounge and Bistro
  • Bar-Salona
  • Martha's Cocina y Cantina
  • The Sandbar Fish House & Market
  • Barriba Cantina
  • Bahia Azul Mexican Seafood
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  • Nutrition and healthy eating

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    Zumbale - Zumba and Yoga Studio
    Deco Pizzeria
    Senor Camaron
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