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Attract more repeat customers. Become a member of HealthyEatAndDrink.com and be able to list up 10 of your healthiest food or drink items on your menu. Users will be able to search by menu titles, descriptions, and keywords. Your business will have a profile on our site with your business information and all your menu items in one place. You will also have the option of having a special HealthyEatAndDrink.com menu that you can present to your customers at your location. All this is for a low price. You pick your payment plan.

1 Month$80*
3 Month$200*(save 17%)
6 Month$350*(save 28%)
1 Year$600*(save 38%) Best Value!!!
* $100 Account Setup Fee Applies
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3 Month$200(save 17%)
6 Month$350(save 28%)
1 Year$600(save 38%) Best Value!!!

Don't have an ad? We can make one for you.

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Only $25 per frame
300x250 (sample is 50% smaller than actual size)

728x90 (sample is 50% smaller than actual size)

Email Marketing

Sponsor an email campaign that is sent out to all registered users of HealthyEatAndDrink.com. You can place a banner ad on our email for only $300 per campaign or $100 plus a special offer to people that receive the email. For example, you can offer "Buy One Get One FREE" or $5 off purchase of $10 or more.

Event Sponsorships

HealthyEatAndDrink.com is constantly looking for ways to get more people using the website so that our members and advertisers get the best return on investment as possible. Some ways we can accomplish this is by participating in events together with other organizations like exercise events, health fairs, and trade shows. We need your support to do even more. We will make sure that our event sponsors get even more exposure before, during, and after the events.

Media Sharing

Advertising HealthyEatAndDrink.com to the public is very important for our success and the success of our members and advertisers. We are always working on partnerships with other media companies to keep getting the word out. When good opportunities come up, we will ask our members to participate in the advertising and get additional exposure that way too. It may be a billboard, a magazine ad, a tv commercial, or radio ads.

Host Events

You can also allow HealthyEatAndDrink.com users to come to your business for a special event. Host a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or mixer. There are many ways that this can be done. You may sponsor the the entire event or charge a cover to recover some costs. We will do all the advertising for the event to get people to your place. Just let us know you are interested and we can put something together that will work for you.

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